choose your marketing techniques
apply the right resources to find an reach your audience


A Zianetti marketing planner will start with your existing business plan as context. Together we will then build an action plan which will help you to grow your network of prospective customers and powerful advocates.


Whilst no two businesses are the same and there are always exceptions, a successful year 2005/2006 marketing plan for an entrepreneurial business selling to other businesses will most likely select one or all of the following as key promotion techniques because they are generally accepted as offering the swiftest and most cost-effective recognition:

      • Networking
      • PR
      • Web pages designed for response

These are good things on which to focus time and money because they are

      • very cost-effective,
      • relatively quick to get started,
      • adaptable,
      • they interrelate and
      • they lend themselves well to targeted marketing

Using a network of marketing professionals we will take responsibility for designing and producing

  • releases
  • web pages
  • online communities
  • brochures
  • briefing documents
  • presentations
  • etc

We understand that in business-to-business marketing, prospects expect a business-like and professional approach. They also expect crispness and brevity and they absolutely expect you to obtain their permission before trying to engage in extensive dialogue. They resent and reject anything that takes up time.

We will come and work in your environment to develop and transfer these processes into your organisation as it grows.





Of course, you will promote your business wherever and whenever you reasonably can.

Networking and word-of-mouth recommendations are extremely powerful generators of new business. They need to be encouraged and complemented by the promotion materials and the promotion programme. Networking can be made systematic and measurable. It can/should also involve your respected scientists and technical professionals.

Telephone prospecting should directly involve your sales people because of the customer understanding and contact management discipline it develops.

Exhibitions may pay off if you can afford them over and above the three essentials above - especially if you have something really new to show and you can use them to reinforce your professional networking.

Advertising seems to pay only if it is correctly placed, is sustained and is supported by professional media planning and buying.

Trade directory listings are now web based. Getting listed is activity which should be included in your web site promotion programme.



A Zianetti consultant will review all techniques with you, agree the appropriate mix and agree the appropriate commitment of resource for your programme.



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