How do you do this?

Building Customer Knowledge
Zianetti can help you:
  • create business opportunities
  • use your experience of customers
  • by building a customer knowledege database
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Focus Meetings
Zianetti can help you:

  • adopt the vocabulary of your prospects
  • understand critical purchase decisions
  • use the output to enhance the targeting and qualification process
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Market Analysis
Zianetti can help you:

  • assess the profit potential of a new market or a new application
  • set clearly achievable sales goals
  • target the right people
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Internal Development Programmes
Zianetti can help your people:

  • demonstrate genuine interest in your customers' needs
  • use the information and the relationship to gain loyalty and additional business
  • develop customers into clients and advocates
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Presentation Material
Zianetti can help you:

  • present material to those who care, when they want it
  • create credible and well-presented material for specific situations
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